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Hotel Metsis is a pleasant and comfortable place to stay in Valga. The hotel is distinguished by its excellent location, stylish interior design, and pleasant and welcoming service.


The historical background of the hotel adds a special charm. Originally built in 1912 as a schoolhouse, the building has since been renovated into a hotel, offering guests a unique experience. The renovation has preserved the historic atmosphere of the building, which gives it a special charm and character.


The hotel's interior has been designed by renowned designer Merle Eek, who has managed to create a romantic and timeless atmosphere, where antique furniture meets modern details. This creates a cosy and elegant environment for guests, where you will immediately feel at home.


It can be said that Hotel Metsis offers an unforgettable stay experience where you can enjoy comfort, style and historical charm.



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Taste experiences you will never forget

The Metsis Hotel restaurant offers unforgettable dining experiences and is ideal for events ranging from receptions to weddings and banquets. The restaurant has a cosy and pleasant atmosphere and offers a varied a la carte menu and daily lunch specials. The hunting-themed décor creates a special atmosphere where you can enjoy unforgettable wild game dishes.