Hunting in South Estonia

Hotel Metsis has been entertaining hunters for years, in cooperation with the Koorküla Hunting Association.

Hunting takes place in a 6500-hectare hunting area. It is possible to hunt boar, lynx, wolves and beaver in the forests of Koorküla.

Depending on the size of the party, we can offer both blind hunting and battue.




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Game seasons:

  • BOAR blind hunting or stalking (except sow with piglets) - all year
  • BOAR battue - 01.10 - 28.02
  • LYNX (except mother with young) - 01.12- 28.02
  • WOLF - 01.11 - 28.02
  • BEAVER - 01.08 - 15.04

To participate in hunting, you need:

  • hunting gun
  • gun licence
  • hunting licence
  • valid shooting test

The visit to the forest is organized by Andres and Tõnis Balodis, who have a long hunting experience.